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Tradition & Evolution: The Fruit Farming System
in the Kyoto Region of Yamanashi Prefecture


About the Kyoto Region

n Yamanashi Prefecture, the Fruit Farming System Adapted to the Alluvial Fan in the Kyoto Region inherits a tradition of growing the right crops for the land and its natural conditions, where deciduous fruit trees, such as grapes, peaches, and persimmons, are cultivated on an alluvial fan characterized by significant undulations and inclines.


The Fruit Farming System in the Kyoto Region

Fruit Farming That Supports Livelihoods

Most of the farms in the Kyoto region are small, family-run businesses. Through a meticulous, manual approach to farm operations, we have created a high value-added, highly productive agricultural system.

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Agricultural Biodiversity

Farmers in the Kyoto region currently grow and hold 148 varieties of grapes, and 86 varieties of peaches.

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Fruit Cultivation Techniques

The grape cultivation method, in which thick, sparsely planted vines are trained over Koshu-style trellises, is an ingenious adaptative technique developed to achieve stable grape production.

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Transmission of Distinctive Culture

In the Kyoto region, various agriculture-related festivals and events have been passed down from one generation to the next. These annual events have a distinctly agricultural character, ranging from preliminary rituals to pray for bountiful harvests through to harvest thanksgiving celebrations.

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Land Use Adapted for an Alluvial Fan

To adapt to topographic and climatic differences across the alluvial fan, a unique system of land use has been developed in which the best crops for each location are selected to leverage the agronomic characteristics of each species of fruit, including grapes and peaches.

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